Sunday, August 30, 2015

Registeration Forms

Print these off and mail in today!

AAHBand Handbook 2015-2016

Monday, August 3, 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Summer Band Camp

When: August 17 - 20, 2014 from 12:00 -3:00pm
Concert on the 20th

Where: Central Presbyterian Church, Athens

Who: Ages 5 -18. Camp classes are for beginners and experienced players.

During this camp session, the student will learn about music theory, music history, rhythms, instruments . . . everything that will spark interest in your student about music! They do not need to be currently involved in our year-long band program but are welcome to come, learn, and check it out.

Band Classes will begin September 10th at Central Presbyterian and will include
Jam Session (general music class for younger students)
Beginning Band (ages 9 and up)
Intermediate and Advanced Band

How Much: $35 per student for the entire camp.

Jennifer Bailey at

Summer Registration Forms

Make Checks out to: Athens Area Homeschool Band

Mail Registration forms to:
Jennifer Bailey
4106 Moons Grove Church Road
Danielsville, GA 30633

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Band Assignment due 11/13/14

Wow!  So thankful God put it all together today.  All the groups sounded great!  Can't wait to hear how well it will sound at our Fall Concert next week!  Be sure to invite friends and family....

Please keep up the practicing on the concert pieces- we will be playing all four tunes.  Also, time to get working on those Christmas Carols we passed out during rehearsal today.  We will be rehearsing Nov. 20 at 1pm on those.

Please check your email this week for more updates on next week's concert.  We will have afternoon rehearsal as usual on Nov. 13.


Mrs. Karen

Practice each of these exercises daily or at least five days of this week:

*  Technique and Musicianship book p.4&5 lines A&B Slurs and Lip Slurs/Technique Builder
    (Be sure to work on this excercise with the metronome- especially woodwinds and mallets)

*  Scales
            Percussion   Technique and Musicianship book p.43 #1-4  stick control
            -rudiments (F scale-flam taps, Bb-5 stroke roll, Eb-flam, Ab-7 stroke roll)
            Winds and Mallets  GMEA Middle School scale sheet

*  Technique and Musicianship book p.20 #4-6 Articulation and Technique etude

*  Work on pieces- Afterburn- all  *be sure to practice fp  *work with your metronome!!!
                                 Flutes- m.51-62/m.77-80/m.89-98 for rhythmic accuracy/all
                                 Clarinets- m.43-55/m.73-76/all
                                 Alto Sax and Horn- m.114-end/all
                                 All other instruments- work on finding and playing melody parts accurately
                           -Star Spangled Banner- all
                           -Somewhere Over the Rainbow- all