Monday, September 15, 2014

Band Assignment due 9/18/14

Hello Everyone!
The last two rehearsals have really gone by fast!  Each of you are doing a such great job participating in class that I get "lost in the music".  Please keep up the excellent work ethic in class.  No new pass off this week but percussion and those not passing last week will play the concert Ab scale on September 18.  Don't be surprised if I call on individuals to play for everyone in class though.  Perfect practice makes perfect!

Mrs. Karen

Practice each of these excercises daily or at least five days of this week:

*  Technique and Musicianship book p.2&3 lines A&B Slurs and Lip Slurs/Technique Builder

*  Technique and Musicianship book p.43  Winds #1-4  scales
                                                              Percussion #1-4  stick control

*  Essential Elements book lines #15-19

*  Pass off on Ab scale in class 9-11-14 (percussion & make-ups)

*  Work on pieces- Afterburn and Frozen

Advanced Band Assignment:

12 Major scales and arpeggios. See the website to print your scales.  Everyone should work on 11th-12th grade scales. Plan to play two scales of your choice from the 11th-12th scales during class. You will play with metronome so practice with metronome. Nothing else will assist you so well in improving your technique.

Print and practice the All-State etude for your grade and instrument.  These will be performed during class this semester.
Practice full-range of your instrument chromatic scale.Sheet music:Eternal FatherFor the Beauty of the EarthIntermediate Band piecesNate: perform 2 rudiments with metronome each week for class. Also, perform scales, see above.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Band Assignment, due on 9/11/14

Great first rehearsal!  I am so excited to see each of you again and get to know new members as well. Thanks for checking our Facebook page and please do so regularly each week for assignments, updates, messages, etc.  Looking forward to a great new academic year with AAHB!

Mrs. Karen

Practice each of these excercises daily or at least five days of this week:

*  Technique and Musicianship book p.2&3 lines A&B Slurs and Lip Slurs/Technique Builder

*  Technique and Musicianship book p.43  Winds #1-4  scales
                                                              Percussion #1-4  stick control

*  Essential Elements book lines #6-14

*  Pass off on Ab scale in class 9-11-14 (winds and percussion)

*  Work on pieces- Afterburn and Frozen

Advanced Band Assignment:

See the above assignment for lip slurs. Use these for warming up.

Scales: 12 Major scales 2 octaves if possible

Practice the Intermediate Band assignment since you'll be playing these pieces.

Practice all the sheet music I gave you

Chromatic scale for you GMEA level.

More music coming next week!

Nate: Practice the rudiments daily with metronome.

Everyone: Practice a minimum of 45 minutes per day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Band Camp

Band Camp

Dates:  August 18-21, 2014 (M-Th)
Time:  9am-noon (M-W) and 9am-11am (Th)
Concert at 10:00am on the 21st
Location:  Central Presbyterian Church, Athens
Ages:  5-18
Cost $35.00

Summer Camp Registration Packet

Monday, March 24, 2014

Band Assighment due 3/27/14

Beginning Band Assignment:
Keep practicing!  Let's do #48 again.  And:
#53, "Aura Lee"--learn all of parts A and B
Scale #1, page 40....STOP after measure 5.
We will also begin working on #103.
 See you next week!! 

Intermediate Band Assignment:

Much progress in rehearsal today!  Please continue to practice your music diligently, especially sheet music for our upcoming Spring Concert.  Last chance to pass off on C scale will be March 27- BE PREPARED, if you have not already done so.

Mrs. Karen

- Long Tones in White Book, p 10-11 #9-12. Check intonation with a tuner (they are free apps on smartphones!)
- Flexibility in White book, p18-21 #1-5.
- Scales: Concert Bb, Ab, Eb, F. Db, C Also practice these scales from White book beginning on p24. The major scales for you to practice are at the tops of the pages. Remember to rotate through the first 5 articulations as shown on p23.  * Be prepared to play C or Db scale for a pass-off this week! This is your last chance...
Work on Bb Chromatic Scale p.60-61 #1 
- Rhythmic Counting: Maxwell book Ex. 10.  Be sure to practice all lines.
- Percussionists: Practice rudiments on snare drum p24-31 in white book with metronome.
Also practice scales on bells.  Be sure to follow the new percussion assignment chart for our pieces.
- Essential Elements 2: #50-66. Work on understanding and mastering sixteenth notes.
- Sheet music: The Chimes of Liberty March- remember to subdivide the beat into eighth notes.
                      Fanfare and Fourishes- work on marcato style and dynamics, especially forte-piano. Count all
                         long notes and ties carefully.
                      Scooby Doo. Have fun with this one!  Watch those syncopations...
                      American Folk Trilogy

Advanced Band Assignment:

Nothing new has been added to your assignment.  Just continue to practice daily, covering everything described below each day. Pay attention to the Intermediate assignment. We depend on you to play these pieces accurately.  
 Continue to warm-up carefully and thoughtfully. Nate, practice the rudiments mentioned above in the Intermediate Band assignment.

Hilliard book:  10-15 minutes with metronome of arpeggios, and scales in thirds.

12 major scales, 2 octaves when possible. Spend 10-15 minutes per day on scales.

Chromatic scale entire range of your instrument. 2x-3x per day

All sheet music mentioned above, plus Processional, Nimrod, and Baby Elephant Walk.

March pass-off is a composition assignment:  In the Rhythm and Beyond book, select one of the lines that we have played in class.  Using a major or minor key, write an 8 bar composition using the rhythm including the repeat, or add on another line.  Select and specify a descriptive tempo (Largo, allegro, etc.) and metronome setting, and indicate articulation, dynamics, and at least one expression indication (i.e. dolce).  Be sure to end your melody on tonic. You can write more bars for extra credit. Perform your composition for the class at the tempo you selected.We don't have time in our one-hour weekly rehearsal to teach you proper notation, so copy key signatures and notating examples from published music. That's how you learn, by copywork. Write in pencil so you can erase mistakes. Pay attention to spacing of notes within the bar.

Questions?  Ask me in an email message.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Band Assignment due 1/16/14

Hello, beginners!
Don't forget:
*page 42, label the rhythm (counting) for #21-24
*page 5, #7-10 (review)
*pages 5-6, #11-15

Intermediate Band:

Great class today during which much was accomplished!  Looking forward to making lots of great music together in the months to come.  Remember... practice makes perfect- and an awesome musician!   =-)

*  long tones (White bk) p.14 #1, #2
*  flexibility (White bk) p.18 #1

Bb, Ab, Eb, F

*  Rhythmic Counting (White bk) p.85 #1-15

*  #1-10

*  The Chimes of Liberty march

Advanced Band Assignment
Due January 16, 2013
Welcome to Advanced Band second semester!
Pass-off for January: Baby Elephant Walk. I will need three people to pass-off on Jan. 16. Please email or message me if you’d like to pass-off next week. Everyone else will pass-off on Jan. 23 or 30.
1.Do squats or knee bends to get the oxygen flowing! Shoulder rolls, also. Then do Breathing Gym exercises like we did in class.
2. Warm-up: Nothing is more important than a good warm-up session before beginning your practice.  Brass should rotate through all the lip flexibility exercises in Hilliard. Katie, regular warm-up. Andrew and Skylar, continue to rotate through the Chromatic Warm-ups on p14 of Hilliard. Play in whole notes slurring the two notes of each bar and breathing at the bar line.
3. Scales: Begin to learn 12 major scales (2 octaves when possible). Play everyday with metronome.
4. Practice chromatic scale 2 or 3 times a day with metronome.
5. Pick a set of technical exercises in Hilliard to practice each day such as Scales in Thirds, breath control exercises, etc. Rotate through them spending 10 minutes a day with metronome.

6.  Baby Elephant Walk, Chimes of Liberty March.  More music to be passed out on Thursday!

. Link for scales and etudes (print out):

  Below is a link to a fantastic marching band video. Enjoy!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Band Assignment due 11/7/13

Advanced Band:

Great rehearsal yesterday. Please continue to learn your parts with special attention to stylistic elements we addressed in class.

Continue to practice your scales daily.

Study and memorize the Circle of Fifths worksheet.

Rhythm and Beyond book: p 16-18. Complete written exercises. Study and play these rhythms on a single pitch.

Practice all of the sheet music: Pictures, Korean, Armed Forces, Processional, Hornpipe.

Concert at Iris Place next week. Look for an email with all the details! Andrew will prepare a 30 second introduction to Pictures and Katie will do the same for Hornpipe. Please send to me by Monday evening so I can give feedback.

I'm very proud of the progress you've made! Have a wonderful week and practice hard!

Hey, Intermediate Band members!! Here is your assignment:
-Read Psalm 100 and James 1 (all of both chapters)
-Remember these: God loves you; Jesus died for you; He wants you with Him.
-Practice both B flat and E flat scales.
-Practice your concert music.
Piece of cake, right? Love you guys.....

Beginning Band:

Great first rehearsal with band instruments yesterday!  Be sure to practice regularly this week for 20-30 minutes per day, 5-6 days per week.  As you know, consistent practice is what really pays off!

-  Work on finishing all Recorder Karate pass-offs.  Next rehearsal is the last day to pass-off and the last day I
   will accept practice records counting toward the MVP award.
-  Work on "When the Saints Go Marching In" and "Ode to Joy" for our Fall Concert on Nov. 14.

Band Instrument:
-  Be sure to watch your Startup video on the DVD that came with your Essential Elements book.
-  Tap, clap and buzz/crow rhythms on p. 42 m. 1-12.
-  Brass students:  Practice buzzing low, middle and high pitches on mouthpiece.
-  Woodwind students:  Practice crowing on your mouthpiece.  Work to get a strong, steady tone.

* Please don't forget that we will be meeting from 12:30-1:15pm this week at Beech Haven.  Be sure to join us to fellowship with the residents at Iris Place following our rehearsal.